Why Choose Us

"It should be noted that Rathlin has done a fantastic job with this file.  Better than could be imagined for sure. We were very lucky to have them involved."
- L & D, Chubb Insurance

"Thank you for this - appreciate your very excellent updates and your amazing ability to work with all these challenges."
-  S.R, Director of Operations, Sony Center

"You led an excellent crew who by necessity became part of my life during this month. I must first compliment you on excellent communication with me. I was most impressed by the thorough and complete preparations made for your work. You and your staff always wore the appropriate protective clothing. You effectively improved the resale value of my house by removing substances which would be noticed by a house inspection. All in all, a very effective job."
- J.D., Dominion Crest

“Thank you very much for your detailed update of what is happening. We are also very pleased that the mould has been taken care of. Your technicians and staff have been terrific. We are more than happy with your efforts. You both run an exceptional company.
- E & M, Chubb Insurance

"Bernadette's crew did an amazing job, as usual, and we're grateful for that."
- A.A., City of Toronto

"Rose you did a fantastic job. This was a very difficult job with many different layers of issues. You were able to deal with each issue head on while being easy to deal with and very accommodating to our needs."
- M.C., Property Manager, YCC#42


"After having a fire at our home some angels arrived on the scene.  Bernadette, Rose and the rest of the staff were a true godsend.  We were in shock and had no idea where to begin.  This team came in and started things moving forward.  They treated us like Family and were always there when we had questions or issues.  We don’t know how we would have survived this experience without their help and guidance.  We feel that not only were they there for us in a very stressful time, but would be there for you no matter what.  Once again thank you all for the great job you did and are continuing to do for us, could not have done it without all you help."
- G.Q. & C.Q., Wananesa

“Out of all the difficulty I faced with a sewage backup, and the companies involved in it’s remediation, the people from Rathlin were the most professional and helpful. They conducted themselves with the courtesy and respect, while being efficient and effective. I hope that I never require this type of service again, but if I do – I would not hesitate to have the Rathlin team on my premises as my first choice.”
- D.M., GNCA/Gold

“I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people, in particular, the ‘blue shirts’ for completing such a terrific job at the Centre for Studies in Aging at Sunnybrook Hospital. I realize that we presented quite a challenge with the ‘shaky room’ and 25 years of accumulated equipment and files but the team was organized, efficient and very professional. The ‘blue shirts’ were a real pleasure to work with and we always found them to be helpful and polite during what I am sure was a difficult and frustrating job. Many thanks.”
- S.M.M., PhD, Centre for Studies in Aging, University of Toronto
“I would like to personally thank you and your team for restoring our home to an excellent health standard with the mould remediation and asbestos removal. The Rathlin team was a pleasure to work with. You are extremely professional, personable, informative and courteous. It is very apparent that you are a team of professionals that are experts in your field. You took extreme precautions to ensure our safety while the remediation and asbestos removal was being done. The ensuing environmental report confirms that Rathlin did an excellent job.”
- A.B & M.N