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Content Management

With an extensive background in digital management of emergency claims and the implementation of the leading edge 'Assured Packout'content control and communication system, efficient, accurate and timely content processing and reporting has never been so easy. This facilitates detailed inventory lists (damaged and salvageable), provide real-time status updates, and storage access to even the most large-scale claims. Our trained, conscientious and responsible staff ensure the time sensitive and accurate processing of all claims, regardless of volume.
First communication with client. Samples and clarification processes

First communication with client. Samples and clarification processes as detailed below.
Salvageable: Digital Inventory w/ Photos (Assured Pack-Out System) 
  • Clean On-Site with structure
    • 'Green' Clean Option (manage environmental sensitivities)  
    • 'Kosher' Clean Option (degree as directed by insured
  • Pack-Out and clean at warehouse 
    • Move to our fully equipped facility for cleaning, display and storage 
      • Large, organized, temperature-controlled, secure warehouse 
      • Full alarm system with backup and security cameras 
      • Fully insured 
      • Networked system with full security and daily backups (Barracuda System)

Non-Salvageable: Digital Schedule of Loss with Reference Photos

  • Variable formats available
  • Reference photos embedded onto file as required
  • Replacement Costing
  • Appraisals Included
  • Authorization to Dispose Sign-Off Included
  • Client Sign-Off Included

Coordination with the following Service Providers as Required 

  • All Industry Recognized. Minimum 15 years experience.
    • Dry Cleaning/Assessment
    • Electronics Cleaning/Assessment
    • Large Appliance Inspection/Assessment
    • Furniture Refinishing/Appraisals
    • Carpet Cleaning/Appraisals
    • Art& Collectibles: Restoration/Estimates
    • Temporary Medical Equipment: Arrangements made as required
    • Moving Company
    • Document Recovery/Assessment
    • Commercial and Residential: Historical files available for discussion
References from clients in CATs: 2004 (Peterborough, Kingston), 2005 (Toronto), 2 009 (Toronto), 2010 (York Region), 2012 (Scarborough),
2013 (Toronto), 2014 (Hamilton)