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Large Area Losses & CATS
In the unfortunate occurrence of a natural or man-made disaster, and the resulting large area loss, Rathlin Contracting Ltd. has the capabilities and experience to handle even the most daunting projects.

With a particular focus on natural disasters (i.e. flooding, tornados), and man-made damage resulting from sewer back-ups and “black water” contamination, Rathlin Contracting Ltd. has the expertise and know-how to evaluate, contain and restore even the most complex claim site. 

Large Area Losses

Over the years we have successfully completed various large area losses across the GTA and beyond including:

  • The Sony Centre
  • The Air Canada Centre
  • Sunnybrook Hospital
  • Todmordon Mills
  • York University
  • Trent University
  • Longo's
Our first CAT was at Trent University, Peterborough in 2004. We've learned a lot since then. Serious contenders in this industry know how to handle these and plan - before they happen. Our experience and file history with CAT claims allows you to rest assured that they are under control.
  • We hit the ground running. Chart, Schedule, Communicate, Support and Document
  • Pool resources, ramp up supplies, tighten services, prepare for long days
  • Track technicians and secondary services
  • Don't drop the ball - and if we do, we make it right, immediately.

Our experience includes: 2004 (Peterborough, Kingston), 2005 (Toronto), 2009 (Toronto), 2010 (York Region), 2012 (Scarborough),

2013 (Toronto), 2014 (Hamilton)

  • Mount Sinai  (Chemotherapy & Operations)
  • City of Toronto, Cultural Artifacts
  • Iron Mountain
  • Pottery Barn
  • Big Al's
  • Mazda Dealership