About Us

Rathlin Contracting Ltd., founded in 1996, has cemented a reputation among select Insurance Companies and Independent Adjusters & General Contractors as a highly motivated, organized, efficient and resourceful support to the property claims process.
Rathlin has led the way with a proactive and tactical approach to mitigating the diversity of property losses. The first to use laptops and digital cameras for onsite inventory and the first experienced enough to provide estimates for most mould/asbestos remediation sites. Almost 20 years has afforded us exposure to a vast array of claims, the magnitude and scope of which has allowed us access to many of the more challenging residential and commercial properly losses.
Our Guarentee

To consistently provide efficient and fiscally responsible services of the highest quality and value to our clients through best-in-class performance and to exemplify the efficient handling of claims by upgrading and integrating new technologies and procedures to improve communication and transparency allowing for first rate customer approval.

Our Team

Services are delivered by our long-term, experienced, full-time staff of certified, trained professionals who maintain IICRC, EACO and MOL procedural standards. Staff are supported and expected to embrace excellence in all aspects of their performance.

Our History